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Chad Alexander, VP ACA & COO ATA, Amanda Mann, President and Michael Mann, CEO, Action Claims AdministratorsChad Alexander, VP ACA & COO ATA, Amanda Mann, President and Michael Mann, CEO Many firms partner with third party administrators to administer their workers’ compensation and liability programs. However, finding the right partner proves to be a burden in many ways. Hence, the most convenient and effective way to get employees back to work following a work injury is partnering with a boutique specialized company that holds the experience and expertise to change the perception of the overall claims process at all levels of an organization. Action Claims Administrators (ACA) works in close collaboration between a client and its employees to understand the needs and concerns of all parties and progress toward the best possible outcome of every situation.

A division of Action Claim Service (ACS)—a professional claims management company founded in 2004—ACA was established in 2012 to provide expert claims administration services to employers who are self-insured or have a high deductible. ACA’s model and cutting edge approach reduces handling costs, litigation, medical, and indemnification expenses by 25% to 40% over traditional firms. ACA offers its boutique TPA services based on a company’s core values and risk philosophy to deliver a hand-tailored program that yield excellent results.

Multifarious Claims Administration Services

ACA works in conjunction with employers and insurance providers’ goals and objectives to reduce their operating costs and improve profitability, ensuring that claims are dispositioned to the best possible outcome each and every time. ACA provides a wide range of expert claims administration services to include workers’ compensation, general liability, auto liability, products liability, and professional liability.

Action Claims Administrators specializes in quality, not quantity. The company is not the largest firm and has no desire to be so. ACA collaborates extensively with clients to develop proactive hand-tailored programs based around their needs and requirements. The newest addition in ACA’s arsenal is a program called Action Advanced Medical Pricing. This program was developed to tackle the rising cost of medical treatment and the inefficiencies of the traditional workers’ compensation bill review process. Action Advanced Medical Pricing provides an additional 25%-30% savings in addition to traditional bill review. ACA incorporates this program into its claims administration program but can also carve the program out to offer market-leading healthcare cost containment services for self-insured employers, public entities, reinsurers, and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) that do not use ACA TPA services. “Our mission is to provide outstanding services to clients and help them attain their goals of reducing costs while ensuring their injured employees receive the best care available,” says Chad Alexander, VP ACA.
ACA specializes in the adjustment of workers’ compensation claims filed against large deductible/ self-insured employers. It exclusively handles loss sensitive programs and offers a robust claim management system that allows clients to have access to their claim data around the clock including adjuster notes, payment screens, check registers, dashboards and much more.

ACA delivers boutique TPA services based on a company’s risk and claims handling philosophy

ACA also manages third-party workers’ compensation administration and liability claims for Native American Indian tribes through its tribal division, Action Tribal Administrator (ATA). ATA provides market leading claims administrator while protecting sovereignty and immunity with every decision made. Chad Alexander, ATA’s Chief Operating Officer said, “Action Tribal Administrators is pioneering the claims process in many ways. For starters, the State has no jurisdiction regarding workers’ compensation, therefore, ATA does not take into account any of the State’s laws nor do we utilize the State’s workers’ compensation fee schedule. Our approach is bold and delivers outstanding results.”

Every claim—whether large or small—requires prompt and professional response, and ACA delivers that in an appropriate manner. It adjusts general liability claims involving physical injuries, casualty, and property damages with the help of its general adjusters and executive general adjusters with years of experience in executing the job seamlessly. These adjusters work closely with insurance carriers to lessen the burden of excess claims as well as manage general liability claims more efficient by dispositioning to the most probable outcome each and every time.

By quickly determining the extent of personal and property damage along with the liability of the insured, ACA administers all lines of liability claims as well. ACA’s expert adjusters go the extra mile to ensure that all claims are taken care of quickly and correctly, saving the client a significant amount of time and money. The company has built a team of industry leading adjusters backed by an executive management team that is second to none. Such expertise and specialized support across all claims have earned ACA the trust of many self-insureds, brokers and insurance carriers.

With such an extensive service portfolio and industry experience, ACA clearly leads the way in assisting businesses and insurance companies through the process of claims management. “Clients will continue to have claims, it’s inevitable. However, our adjusters are more than paper pushers within our organization. We continuously provide tools and training to ensure our adjusters exceed our client’s expectations. One example on how we accomplish this goes back to our quality vs. quantity philosophy. Our adjuster caseloads are among the lowest in the industry which allows them to devote the time they need to properly handle their claims while taking an active role in working with the client to help them eliminate claims in the future,” states Chad Alexander.
Addressing Clients’ Needs and Nuances Seamlessly

ACA adopts a unique, two-fold strategy to onboard clients, which sets them apart from other TPAs in the industry. It offers extremely competitive compensation packages along with tools to not only succeed but also excel. ACA develops affiliations with its clients based on trust, performance, and consistency.

“How we choose to grow and who we partner with is of equal importance for us. We view our business as an extension of our clients’ business,” mentions Alexander. In contrast to most TPAs, ACA does not respond to every request for proposal or solicit every account that becomes available. Alexander believes, “To be the best, one cannot partner with everyone. It’s important to recognize what your niche is and perform best in class within that niche.” Hence, the company looks for long-term relationships and does not aim to be the biggest, but the best.

"ACA has developed a program called Action Advanced Medical Pricing which saves an additional 30% versus traditional workers’ compensation bill review"

Every client is unique, thus, programs offered to each of them have to be distinctive in order to maximize opportunities and ensure desired outcomes. “We create programs that are proactive not reactive. Our goal is to improve our clients’ bottom lines and increase profitability for our clients through the expert disposition of claims,” explains Alexander. In the present scenario, larger TPAs are often forced to have clients conform to their processes. On the contrary, ACA does not provide cookie cutter solutions nor do we expect our clients to conform to our processes. ACA collaborates with clients to ensure we deliver a professional, tailored solution that addresses the claims management and administration needs of each partner. Working collaboratively with customers has helped ACA garner a vast client base and maintain a 100% client retention rate, which ACA takes pride in.

In 2018, ACA saved its clients approximately 28% over their incumbent programs. As compared to the results these clients obtained using previous TPAs, ACA saved 20% more administratively and 35% on their medical spend.

Along with their customers, ACA also shares harmonious relationships with defense counsellors, engineers, forensic accountants, cause and origin experts, nurse case managers, physicians, social media experts, risk managers, and risk analysts and many more. “ACA uses these partnerships to successfully tackle claims administration concerns ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Over the years, ACA has established itself as one of the top professional insurance claims adjusting company in the Southeast and Midwest U.S. To date, the firm has grown year after year by 4000 percent on an average and has successfully created a strong presence in the Southeastern U.S. In 2019, ACA will continue to challenge the status quo of traditional TPA claims handling with an aim to maintain 100% client retention. With its presence in 26 states in the U.S., ACA further envisions expanding its business nationwide by 2021. Besides the geographical expansion, the firm is looking forward to elevating its hiring practices by 25-30 percent.
- Shikha Patre
    March 28, 2019