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Leane St. Peter, VP of Product and Business Development, Ez Dental Care, IncLeane St. Peter, VP of Product and Business Development
Securing a quality dentist who will accept a Workers’ Compensation claim is often a difficult task for many claim handlers. The fact, dentists do not see a volume of Workers’ Compensation injuries and ones that agree to accept the injury related claim tend to process the worker like a routine patient instead of a patient with a trauma related incident. Dentists are trained to treat the entire mouth and as a result, treatment plans often include treatment recommendations that may be for pre-existing conditions causing the cost of the claim to be more than necessary.

With its national provider network footprint and access to over 10,000 dentists, EZ Dental Care offers a simplified solution that pairs injured workers with qualified dentist and provides the clinical oversight to successfully achieve maximum outcomes. To achieve maximum outcomes, EZ Dental Care ensure workers receive prompt, cost effective treatment that restore the worker to pre-injury function and quality care to ensure longevity.

The team at EZ Dental Care collaboratively offers 90 years of healthcare, Workers’ Compensation, and dental claim management experience. EZ Comp Care’s founder along with the core management team, developed and successfully managed the first dental claim management offering in the Workers’ Compensation space. Our knowledgeable, certified and licensed dental team paired with their extensive Workers’ Compensation knowledge provides customers with quality claim, administrative and clinical oversight with the assurance that workers receive appropriate treatment that is related to the work-related injury.

Competitive Differentiators

There is no doubt that EZ Dental Care offers the most experience in the industry when it comes to managing dental claims.

We are on a mission to set the bar when it comes to superior customer service, experience and service offerings that make our customers’ lives easy

Leane explains, “Having the experience of developing the first Workers’ Compensation dental claim offering in the space, EZ Dental Care has lived and learned what makes this offering successful and attractive to customers.” EZ Dental Care is sensitive to customer scheduling demands and guarantees their workers are scheduled within hours of receiving a referral and days to receive injury related treatment. With its one touch process, 24/7 access and dedicated dental experts, claim handlers are promptly kept abreast of treatment progress through to the very last appointment and experts are always available to facilitate emergencies. EZ Dental Care’s pricing is reviewed annually and is comparative to recognizable UCR sources to provide consistent, fair and competitive pricing. Our pricing averages 15-20 percent less than our competition. Customers experience multiple savings opportunities including medical and indemnity savings reducing time spent on the file, clinical savings identified through the treatment plan review process and additional savings through contractual partnerships. EZ Dental Care prides itself on being flexible and with its proprietary software, EZ Edge customers have the option to customize workflows, templates and reporting that work for them! Leane also explains, “We are on a mission to set the bar when it comes to superior customer service, experience and service offerings that make our customers’ lives easy.”

About EZ Dental Care

EZ Dental Care is a subsidiary of EZ Comp Care, Inc., and is a Tampa-based, privately-held, and minority-owned company founded in 2002 offering nationwide Workers’ Compensation solutions including its dental program, medical speciality service, behavioural health programs, and home health care. To learn more about us, visit our website at www.ezcompcare. com or phone our office at 1-855-9EZ-COMP.

Leane St. Peter is the Vice President of Development and has worked with the core management for over sixteen years and serves as the Vice President of Development at EZ Comp Care. She brings over thirty years of industry experience to the team.
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Ez Dental Care, Inc

Ez Dental Care, Inc

Tampa, FL

Leane St. Peter, VP of Product and Business Development

Facilitating a favorable medical outcome for an injured employer, EZ Comp Care provides proprietary software that allows for efficient end-to-end management of workers’ comp claims. EZ ensures claimant satisfaction by ensuring prompt turnaround time for claims handling and provides flexible programs that are customized to the needs of a client. EZ’s core management team has over 90+ years of healthcare and workers’ comp experience and close to 20 years in managing work comp dental claims. Apart from dental claim management, EZ’s workers’ compensation solutions help claim handlers with claims requiring a medical or behavioral health provider and home health services